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At Masters Of Change we are committed to equipping our youth with essential personal development strategies to cope in the ever changing and competitive environment. Our core thoughts and beliefs are shaped from a young age, as a result from the ages of twelve and up we offer skills to develop a mind set of empowerment giving keys to open new dimensions of thinking.

Master Of Change in association with its affiliated companies and partners has in conjunction with Marc Paterson a NLP (Neuro linguistic programmer) practitioner, certified life coach, business coach and registered facilitator with Education Training and Development SETA complied the Path To Success workshop.

The "Path To Success" is made up of five modules that covers an holistic approach to create a platform to achieve any goals be it: academic, sport or any other personal goal.

The five modules consist of:

  1. Module 1: Results workshop,
  2. Module 2: Goal setting and Time Management
  3. Module 3: Emotional mastery
  4. Module 4: Brain Profile
  5. Module 5: Study method course.
There are certain patterns of human behavior, patterns of failure and patterns of success. As an example people that are good at academics, physically fit people or wealthy people do not normally just achieve their goals by luck there are certain patterns of behavior that creates the desires result. We teach strategies that encourage a mind frame of empowerment rather than entitlement. Through these strategies we teach our students to work towards goals, rather than just take whatever life gives to them. As humans the choices we make at a young age and the way we think ultimately determines our destiny.

The "Path To Success" is not only presented to children, we encourage parents to attend the workshops with the children. We have found that creating partnerships between children and parents by equipping both parties with the skills is far more effective than only teaching the children the skills set. We host the workshops in groups as well as in private sessions. Each module can also be taught individually however to experience the competitive edge we believe it's imperative to complete all five modules. These workshops can be arranged anywhere in South Africa even possibly in a town near you.

Master Of Change also facilitates action packed school camps at our accredited venues specializing in leadership and prefect camps. Offering a balance between exciting activates and scheduled personal development programs. There are also school holiday camps available to cover the "Path To Success" workshops for learners in regions outside the workshop areas.