The path to success
results workshop
goal setting & time management
emotional mastery
brain profiles
study methods

The Path to Success

Introduction to the "Path to Success"

This workshop is compiled with a selection of strategically selected modules that gives our students the competitive edge. The workshop comprises of a Results workshop, Goal seeing strategies, Time management strategies, Emotional mastery tools, Brain profiles and a Studymethod course.

Parents and children get trained on the strategies creating a partnership for success. Both parties are equipped with strategies that open new dimensions of thinking. These new keys unlock doors to making the education process more fulfilling with improved results.

A better understanding of human behavior patterns is learnt giving an understanding of patterns of success and patterns of failure. Through coaching strategy and focus our learners acquire skills to potentially become adults of greatness and distinction.

Ideal candidates for The Path To Success:

  • Learners over the age of 12 years old
  • Parents that want to learn strategies to help their children achieve better results
  • Learners striving to improve academics
  • Those who needs goal setting strategies
  • Candidates who need to gain skills regarding emotional intelligence
  • Those who need to boost self confidence
  • Is for those wanting to establish the preferred thinking preferences
  • Suitable for learners in need of Time Management and planning strategies
What makes the path to success unique?
The path to success is a coaching program formulated to create partnerships of success between parents and learners. The program boasts a rewards and recognition program hosted every four months for the learners. Achievements of the learner at all levels are awarded with regards to achievement of goals be it sport, academic or any other personal goal. These ceremonies are formal prize giving events and recognize achievements and progress. We encourage a mind set to work towards goals and not just take whatever life gives you. These ceremonies can be used as tools for motivation by parents and rewards and acknowledgment by learners.

Module 1 - Results workshop

  • Establishing drivers
  • Patterns of behavior
  • Making the decision
  • Results
  • Purpose
  • Massive action plan
  • Beliefs
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Settng up the game to win
  • Taking action
  • Raising your standards
Module 2 - Goals/time management schedules
  • Benefits of goals
  • Visualization
  • Smart goals
    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Achievable
    • Realistic
    • Time frame
  • Goal setting templates
  • Well formed outcome
  • Schedule templates
Module 3 - Emotional mastery
  • Negative emotions
  • Positive emotions
  • Ten categories of emotions
  • Identify each message offered by emotions
  • Alterative behaviours
  • Practice the principals
  • Ten positive emotions to cultivate
Module 4 - Brain profiles
  • Access the thinking preferences and giving an indication of the thought preference and making recommendations based on the thought preference. Brain profiles also provides insight to learning style as well as identifies potential room for improvement.
Module 5 - Study method
  • Skills and habits assessment:
    • health/diet
    • concentration
    • goal settinng
    • study environment
    • academic stress
    • Time management
    • comprehension
    • exam preparation
    • exam writing
    • extra curriculum advice
  • The thinkers guide study and learn
  • Study method